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Providing Chiropractic Patient Education Materials and Marketing Products since 1996.

Health Visions Chiropractic Patient Education Company has been providing many different platforms to help Chiropractors educate their patients through the reception area TV. The products offered since 1996 include Chiropractic Videos, Chiropractic DVDs, Chiropractic Posters and Chiropractic Software. These products have helped thousands of chiropractors generate more referrals, family care and patient retention. Health Visions proudly introduced ChiroTV Network in 2010 and it is fast becoming the most widely used chiropractic marketing tool. If you currently use chiropractic patient education dvds, chiropractic patient education brochures, chiropractic posters, and other chiropractic marketing materials, you will find this service very beneficial to your practice. The staff at Health Visions has always worked hard to provide the most up-to-date chiropractic materials that can be used to educate patients in the chiropractic waiting room. ChiroTV Network is the most advanced service yet, and it is proving to be widely successful in helping chiropractors get new patients and grow their practices.