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ChiroTV Network is the popular choice due to
its easy to use features

Custom Slideshow Builder

This new feature allows you to create your own custom slides (powerpoint, etc..) and build your own slideshow to play on your screen. You can play this slideshow by itself, or blend it in with other built in presentations using the playlist builder. This is a powerful feature to help you further promote the things that make your practice unique.

Photo Ads

Our newest feature helps you further customize your channel to promote anything you want! You can now take a picture and add text for that picture and it will appear on the left side panel of your channel. There is also a large library of popular products/services ads for you choose from instead of making your own. This is perfect for patient testimonials, products/services information, creating advertisements, and so much more. You can be very creative and use this feature to display some powerful marketing information.

Branding/Background Themes

Our platform allows you to change the backgrounds from our library to create a different look at any time. Your patients are more determined to watch your channel if it looks like your own private TV Channel. Our design and marketing team will work with you to include your practice logo on your channel. As an added feature, you can import your own photos to use as the background theme on your channel. This is an optional feature that will give you maximum branding exposure and catch the eyes of your audience.

Playlist Library

This feature allows end users to choose the main presentation to play. We set one presentations to run as the default presentation for the week and then you can change that if you want. Each week will usually have a theme that matches the time of year, season, holiday, etc. If you wish to play more than one presentation all day, you can add multiple presentations together as a longer loop using the playlist builder. You may also create your own custom presentation and add it to the presentations in the library. This is a powerful feature as it will keep your patients engaged every time they come into your office and see a fresh look and new information.

Scrolling Ticker

Every audience is captivated by a scrolling ticker. It is an eye-catching message that will surely get their attention. This feature is so easy to use and can be updated in seconds! This is a powerful feature that will help the end user customize and promote anything that is going on in their business. You have the ability to choose the speed and color of the scrolling ticker to make it stand out more. You may also choose a pre-made ticker message to use from the extensive library of messages. This truly helps you be more directly involved in your marketing messaging.

Music Player

ChiroTV Network has a library of background music. This is a personal taste and you can choose what works best for your practice . The music feature will automatically shut down when a video appears and then turn back on once the video is complete. If you desire, you can also mute the music and play the presentation silently.


YouTube is one of the most widely used resources for entertainment. You can take video clips from YouTube and have them play on your digital signage network. Our program offers up to 10 video slots for this feature. We let you find videos to help promote your business or you can create your own videos to play through their TV. You can easily create patient testimonials, doctor workshops, special announcements, product commercials, and so much more!

Local Weather Forecast

Give your audience their up to date local 3 day weather forecast! This is a great feature as it draws the audience to the screen when they see this feed.