ChiroTV Network is a web-based platform that requires you to have a Computer and a TV Monitor.

Here is all you need to run ChiroTV Network:

  • Computer (PC or Laptop) with internet access or purchase the Intel Compute-Stick Wireless option for $149.00
  • Flat Panel TV (LCD)
  • HDMI or VGA cable to connect computer to TV (only needed if you are NOT purchasing a Intel Compute-Stick Wireless option from us)

Turn-Key Plug and Play Wireless Option Intel Compute Stick

-Plugs directly into the back of your TV with no wires to run
- Turns your TV into a full Windows 10 computer
- Has built in wireless to access the internet
- Comes with Wireless Keyboard/ Mouse combo
- We set it up for you so its ready to go
- No other equipment needed except your TV

Choose this option and you will be billed a one time charge of $149.00 for the computer. After your 30 Day Trial, you will be billed the monthly fee of $39.95. If you have questions regarding the computer (Intel-Compute Stick), please contact us at 888-480-1350.

Easy-to-use! Have ChiroTV Network running in your office in just minutes!

ChiroTV Network is a website/TV Channel for your Chiropractic Reception Area TV. It is specifically designed to educate, entertain, and encourage your patients to refer their friends and family and to comply with their care plan. The content and theme automatically changes every week so you don’t have to do any work if you don’t want to. We do it all! Once you become a subscriber, you can easily modify and customize your screen if you wish with just a couple clicks.

You can make it your own and personalize it by…

  • By adding your own custom slides and backgrounds
  • Photo Ad feature to create your own custom ads
  • Customizing the scrolling ticker with your promos
  • Importing YouTube videos of your choice
  • Displaying your local weather forecast
  • Choosing your own choice of background music
  • Having your LOGO displayed on your screen at all times