We are a Chiropractic Patient Education Company

ChiroTV Network is a family business that began when two brothers, Steve and Pete Madnick, joined their brother’s chiropractic practice. Together, they opened and managed multiple chiropractic offices. In 1995, they made an educational video for their reception area TVs, which became a hit with local chiropractic colleagues. More videos were created and Health Visions Patient Education Company was born! We still have original subscribers that have been with us through each change in technology: from VHS tapes, to DVDs, to computer software, to web-based pay as you go (ChiroTV Network)! But even in 25 years, some things have never changed! Here are some of the core values and beliefs that have helped us remain leaders in our category.

The Core Values and Beliefs that Fuel our Chiropractic Patient Education Company

  • Chiropractors are best equipped health care providers to offer lifetime family wellness care and should promote that.
  • A chiropractor’s mission is to help others, but he or she must still run and grow a business, improving his or her own life, too.
  • We stand for helping chiropractors grow their businesses with good marketing practices.
  • The content of our product informs the public about chiropractic’s BIG IDEA—spinal care and adjustment is a foundational element of good health and supports all other healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Chiropractors who offer multiple services/products can best grow their practices by selling more to their current patients and by encouraging referrals.
  • The reason we get up in the morning is to help chiropractors create and sustain the lifetime family wellness practice of their dreams.
  • We will always improve our product, upgrade our technology and simplify marketing for our customers.
  • We will always invest our resources toward improving our product, implementing new technology and simplifying our customer interface.
  • Limitless customization.
  • Effortless referral generation.
  • Automatic, fresh reception area patient education.
  • Simplifying marketing and patient education for chiropractors.
  • 100% Included, Personal, Off-the-Charts Customer Support.
  • Even though we have helped over 6000 chiropractors, we still get excited each time we welcome a new one!