Kind Words from Our Customers about Their Chiropractic Patient Education System!

ChiroTV Network is a marvelous way to promote my practice and all we have to offer. It educates my patients about Chiropractic and the services we provide in multiple ways and is extremely easy to manage. I love that I can add my own graphics, videos, and messages, or just use the slideshows ChiroTV Network provides. It is very professional, easy to use, and fresh.
Dr. Jeffrey McKinley
I've been using ChiroTV for about the past year. I recommend it to all chiro offices regardless of how you practice. The content is great and can be customized easily. I added my logo, office specific content like announcements ect. Overall I'm very pleased with the system and it has really helped my overall practice since patients are no longer just sitting in the waiting room waiting they can actually learn relevant health info! Great Product!
David Eisenmenger D.C.
I have a been a ChiroTV Network monthly subscriber for 6 years. Everyday I am amazed at how many of our patients comment on how much they LOVE the service. I was sick and tired of "health" magazines filled with drug ads, so I made a decision to update and upgrade my practice by providing the highest quality patient education on the market. It's fun, informative and we are even able to promote events and products unique to our practice. It has easily been one of the most successful additions to South Shore Family Chiropractic, I wouldn't practice without it.
Steven E. Scheuing DC
"We are very happy and extremely satisfied with the Chiro-TV-network. We have a large flat screen in our reception room that plays nothing but the programing from Chiro-TV. There is not a day that goes by without getting positive feedback from our patients. In fact, our patients love the information that they get so much that if we put something else up on the screen, our patients ask how soon will Chiro-TV be back on. The programming also stimulates questions and referrals. Chiro-TV is great! Keep up the good work."
Gary W. Newberry DC
"I have used several different TV-based patient education programs over the past ten years; and ChiroTV Network is without question the best; in all ways! It's the cheapest, easiest to alter, most engaging, constantly changing, and easiest to implement program there is. There is a new presentation every week, always refreshed and ready-to-go Monday morning! Wow! The local weather, online radio stations, announcement ticker and YouTube videos are excellent features. If I see a video I like I can have it dropped into the program in less than a minute! Let's face it - if the patients won't watch it, it's a waste of money. ChiroTV Network has been a no brainer for us and I recommend it to everyone looking to educate the people in their office."
Dr. Ryan French - Ontario, Canada
"I have been a Health Visions customer for over 5 years now and have always loved their products. I originally purchased the HV Presenter Software and used it for 4 years with great success. Last year I upgraded to the NEW ChiroTV Network and I am so thrilled with this new platform. It is so much easier to use and I love that it is automatically updated each week with a new theme and content. I don't have to remember to do it myself anymore!! My TV screen looks so much more high-tec now with the YouTube video integration, scrolling ticker, and local weather display! Thank you so much Health Visions for continuing to make your products better and more updated for today's offices."
Dr. John Woodward
"In the first day of using chiro tv I saw my supplement sales increase. Patients were asking for certain supplements because they saw it on the TV. I have only had it one day, but it is paying for itself already."
Dr. Ben Erlandson
"This is absolutely awesome; it is a fantastic tool to have in our waiting room educating prospective and current patients. Thank you. You saved me a lot of money on DVD's I was about to buy, and I didn't get to modify them. This allows me to add ads and other info for a more personable experience. Again Thank You."
Dr. Adam Harris
"Everyone likes the soothing music and the program itself has only had compliments. I catch patients taking notes on what they read!"
Dr. Chris Wilkerson
"We love ChiroTV Network! It plays at the therapy stations in our office and allows the patients to learn instead of being bored. Most of what we hear from our patients is they like the multiple choice questions the most. You have done a good thing for our profession. Thanks again and keep up the good work."
Drs. Jason & Kimberly Stephenson