Lights… Camera… Your Chiropractic Practice in Action!

Video is very, very powerful.  Need proof?  According to Alexa, YouTube is the second most-visited website on the planet, with 1.5 billion users logging in every month and watching 1 billion hours of video per day!  The number-one website spot belongs to Facebook, which has 4 billion video views per day!  Furthermore, Cisco predicts that video will be 82 percent of all internet traffic by 2022.

So, if all that is not enough incentive for you to consider adding video to your chiropractic practice’s marketing strategy, just consider this:  with video, you can “clone” yourself and speak to more people in an engaging, authentic fashion that is second only to in-person interaction!

To get you started in the right direction, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks you can use to employ a powerful video marketing strategy for your chiropractic wellness center!

Types of Video for Your Chiropractic Practice
There are different types of videos that can especially benefit your practice.

  • “Welcome” to the practice video: A “get to know us” overview of you, your practice staff and your services.  You can use this type of video in many ways:  on your website’s Home page, on social media, in your Google My Business profile and in your ChiroTV Network lineup.  (Yes, this is our shameless plug—but in our defense, it is SO easy to upload and showcase your own videos—we highly recommend it!)
  • “Explainer” videos for specific services: It’s good for the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website to have a page for each type of service you provide, and even better to post a video to match.  This way, you can accommodate readers and non-readers alike!  Make it easy for your patients to be aware of all your services by providing multi-media sources of information.
  • Patient testimonials: This is a particularly powerful type of video because people look for social proof before they make buying decisions.  And, it’s much easier (and more convincing) to let an enthusiastic patient brag on you.  (Besides, we know how modest you are!)  Make sure any patients featured in your videos sign waivers and give permission to use their testimony in your marketing.
  • Doctor/staff profiles: People do business with people they like and trust.  While your CVs may instill some confidence in patient prospects, seeing and hearing you and your staff on video creates more of an instant connection.

Hiring Professionals or DIY Video Production for Your Chiropractic Office
When creating video for your chiropractic office, there are two ways you can go:  hire a professional video team or do it yourself.  There are pros and cons to each, but first, consider this:  there is “good TV” and “bad TV.”  Good TV is engaging, persuasive, professional and keeps the viewer watching.  Bad TV is distracting, poorly executed, confusing and generally loses your viewer.  Can you create a video without all the bells and whistles that people will pay attention to?  Of course.  Just remember the purpose of creating videos for your chiropractic practice is to give a good impression with prospects, patients and referrals.  You’re better off putting out as professional a video as you can afford than doing one badly “just to have one.”

Tips for Hiring a Professional Video Team
A professional video team can make you look better and more natural, especially if you’re nervous.  Usually the camera operator can see how you’re coming across and give you tips from his or her experience so that you come out looking your best!

We are almost always in favor of chiropractors focusing on what they do best and delegating the rest.  Professional video teams can be more affordable than you think.  Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Find a video team that resonates with your personality and business style. Look at examples of previous work and compare pricing.
  • Ask about a two-camera shoot. This means while filming, one camera may be in front of you and another at an angle, and the vantage point is switched back and forth in the final product.  It usually isn’t much more expensive, since the crew is already there shooting, but it adds levels of professionalism to the final video.
  • Consult with the video editor about the content you’d like to cover. Often the crew can capture enough B-roll (outside and inside shots of your office, candid footage of your staff, etc.) to cover more than one video.  B-roll highlights the environment of your practice, gives visual interest and showcases the services you offer.
    • Consider other uses for your videos and have the team capture footage while they’re “at it” because this will save you time and money in the long run.
    • Consider creating videos in several lengths to fit different purposes. For example, a 2-minute Welcome video for your website, 30-second clips for social media, etc.  Again, you may save on the shooting fees since all the video can be captured the same day.
  • Ask your video team to refer you to voiceover professionals. Using a voiceover adds another layer of professionalism to your video.  Some things only need to be shown, and other things are heard through the voiceover.  For example, you don’t have to say, “We have a friendly staff.”  You can SHOW your team member at the front desk smiling at a patient.  This saves time and is “good TV.”  A good editor naturally knows how to blend these aspects for you.

Tips for Do-It-Yourself Videos

  • Script it, don’t wing it! Decide what you want to say and craft a beginning, middle and end for your video.  You want to preplan everything you possibly can, including storyboard and script (what the video will show and say).
  • There’s a lot of free teleprompter software out there that you can install on a laptop. Place a laptop right underneath your camera so that your eyes appear to be looking at the camera.  If your laptop has a remote control, you can control the teleprompter’s speed.  Otherwise, have a buddy follow along and adjust while you’re reading.  Either way, you need to rehearse so that the script flows and sounds natural.
  • Professional tip: when you’re speaking to the camera, think of it as having a conversation with the camera.  This makes you speak normally, and you’ll come across more authentically.
  • Remember to add some dynamics to your voice. When you rehearse, make sure you include punching up a few words.  Again, practice will help.
  • Make your video “evergreen.” In other words, don’t make references to the time of year, holidays and other topics that will “date” your video.  This way, you can use your video longer.
  • Think about where you would actually shoot the video. Make sure objects in the background aren’t distracting.  For example, if you’re sitting at a desk, make sure there isn’t a plant behind you on a shelf that looks like its growing out of your head.  Make sure your surroundings are neat and tidy.  Viewers focusing on the sticky notes all around your desk will not hear a word you have to say!
  • Lighting and audio quality are key. Bad light and audio are highly distracting.  There are inexpensive kits you can buy on Amazon or eBay that allow you to clamp your smartphone on a tripod, complete with a “halo” or ring light and a mic.  Using equipment like this yields a better-quality DIY video than you can accomplish with just your smartphone alone.
  • If you need headshots or other photography done for your website or other marketing materials, hire a photographer to come in the same day you’re shooting.
  • Be sure the camera is level. It’s distracting when the camera is at an angle, like a crooked picture on a wall.
  • There’s a lot of royalty-free music out there. Light, appropriate music in the background adds warmth to your video.
  • It looks very professional to include some “supers” or subtitles that slide or fade in and out of the video. If you are proficient with editing software, consider adding both music and supers to your video.
  • Generally speaking, you want to keep videos under two minutes.

We hope these video production tips are helpful to you!  As always, feel free to reach out to us if you need more creative ideas for integrating your ChiroTV Network tools with your overall marketing strategies!

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