Top 4 Ways to Educate Your Patients with Repurposed Marketing Content

As a chiropractor, you invest a lot of time and money in discovering new ways to help your patients. You invest in programs, supplements, new technology, self-education and certifications. You find ways to support your patients’ desire to heal naturally and prevent health issues. This is an excellent strategy because selling more services to your current patient base is a cost-efficient way to grow your practice; you also make patients happier because they’re getting more of their needs met in one place.

How do you sell more to your current patients? Educate! You may think you don’t have the time, but there are ways to multiply your efforts several times over through repurposing.

Why Repurpose Your Marketing Content?
When you focus on creating the marketing messages and plans for a product or service, you can use the content you produce in multiple places. If you planned a product launch using our article as a guide, you already completed much of the work! In this digital age, it’s easy to edit for a new purpose, copy and paste. Every time you offer a new product or service, follow the steps for a launch and re-use the content!

You should also repurpose across a variety of advertising media. For example, don’t rely solely on your website to market your practice. Google, Yelp and other search engines often change their rules. You need to stay on top of these changes and maximize the advantages of online marketing. But you also need to minimize the effect of any one digital marketing tool on your business by diversifying. Additionally, your patients pay attention to different things. Not all of them will get your email newsletters. Not all of them will follow you on social media. When you vary the advertising media you use, your practice becomes more visible overall.

Whether you work with your team or a professional marketer to develop your marketing messages and content, repurposing maximizes your return on investment for these efforts. The following four areas represent different advertising media and are excellent places to repurpose your marketing content.

Elevate Your Emails
Do you have an email list? If you do, you can make it work ten times better. You don’t need a big list. Just use the list you have in the smartest way possible. This begins with the very first email. Most email services will alert your subscribers with a Welcome email right after they sign up. This is okay but go a step further. You can supercharge your Welcome email with a free educational PDF download or guide. If you create marketing content for each of the services you offer, you only have to compile them and hand them over to a graphic artist for layout. The main point to remember is to make it informative and relevant, not sales-y.

Another way to supercharge your email list is to create an autoresponder series. When you set up an autoresponder, people who sign up to your email list will get a Welcome message and every couple of days, they will get another email in the series. Again, use your product and service descriptions to provide the content for each email in the series. Make the email informative and maybe add a coupon. People who sign up to your email list will be more aware of everything you offer. Most email providers (Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc.) offer service plans with the ability to easily create and program your Welcome message and autoresponder series.

Put it on Paper
When you have your marketing concepts sketched out about each of your products and services, create printed brochures, flyers and posters. Again, this is so that you can reach places digital media does not reach. Remember that PDF guide for your Welcome email? You can print it out and have them handy for patients who express an interest in any of the services covered.

Find out if vendors will give you co-op marketing dollars for the pieces you create that feature their products. Often, you must merely include their logo to earn their support. This will help you get a return on your investment quicker. Give brochures to joint venture partners or referral partners. Use the brochures as handouts during health fairs.

Website Wizardry
Create a web page for each of the main products and services you offer through your practice. Each web page can also serve as a landing page. For example, when you mention a service in an email or elsewhere on the website, you can easily link to that specific page on your website. Interested readers will click to get more detailed information about the service and will spend more time on your website. This strategy shows your expertise in each area and improves your organic search engine rankings.

Additionally, if you’ve asked your web developer to install Google Analytics or another website traffic tracker on your site, you can see which pages are most popular. This will serve you when you are budgeting time and money for your practice. You can see how creating product and service pages is itself a repurposing strategy. You create these pages once and can use them over and over again!

Sell More with a ChiroTV Network System
Yes, this is the shameless plug for our services. Whether you’re already a member or still deciding, it is a reminder of how the ChiroTV Network system can help you sell more with little additional effort on your part. ChiroTV Network educates your current patients as they wait, at the beginning or end of their visit to your office. This is the easiest way to sell more to your current client base without having to be sales-y.

With ChiroTV Network, you can customize your content to your heart’s content! (Pun intended.) Once you create marketing materials and messages for your main products and services, you can easily create custom slides with the information! Nothing is better or more convenient for repurposing marketing. Conversely, since ChiroTV Network is already loaded with hundreds of ideas, you can even work backwards and use your system as a wellspring of marketing inspiration to repurpose in all the other areas we’ve been discussing in this article.

If you want to know more about how ChiroTV Network makes it easy for you sell more products and services to your current client base and repurpose your marketing, email Steve or reach out to him at 888-480-1350. Especially if you’re already a member, squeeze every advantage out of your ChiroTV Network system resource!

ChiroTV Network is a family-run business built exclusively by chiropractors, for chiropractors. Our product helps chiropractors seamlessly market and sell more of their services and products to patients while they wait. For a demo and a free 30-day trial, call Steve Madnick at 888-480-1350 or go to

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